Managing your most valuable asset—your people—is never easy. Every day, companies face complex issues, such as changing workforce demographics, job transfers around the world, employee leave and absenteeism, health and safety issues, and assisting employees through organizational and cultural change.

Companies need a partner who understands these issues—from a global perspective—and can provide consistent and innovative support around the world. AngelesHR was built around that concept and is dedicated to helping employers manage every aspect of Human Resources Management.

Why Human Resources?
Human Resource Management is the process of managing human talent to achieve an organization’s objective. Staffing the organization, designing jobs and teams, developing skillful employees, identifying approaches for improving their performance, and rewarding employees successes are all relevant to running a successful business.
Angeles HR will conduct a detailed HR needs assessment to identify develop strategies to best execute these initiatives.

HR and Strategic Planning
In today’s world it has become very important to develop a clear mission and vision that is aligned with the company’s long-term goals. Angeles HR will identifying the correlation between the company’s long-term goals and its Human Capital needs by anticipating and making provisions for the movement of people into, within and out of an organization.

Recruiting Strategies
A first impression to potential talent starts on how the company represents itself during the recruiting cycle. Angeles HR will review current recruiting methods and identify a full-cycle recruiting strategy, aligned to current business needs. Full-cycle recruiting strategy includes, job postings, selection processes, and on boarding of new hires.

Strategic Compensation
A strategic compensation plan is the compensation of employees in ways that enhance motivation and growth, while aligning the employees efforts with the objectives, philosophies, and culture of the organization. Strategic compensation planning goes beyond determining what market rates to pay employees to purposefully linking compensation to the organization’s mission and general business objectives. We will be identifying and developing key strategies toward competitive compensation packages to attract, retain and motivate a competent workforce though a potent compensation package.

Employee Benefits
Employee benefits constitute an indirect form of compensation intended to improve the quality of the work lives and the personals of employees. Once viewed as a gift from the employer, benefits are now considered rights to which all employees are entitled. With the large number of benefits offered to employees today, administering an organization’s benefits program can be both costly and time-consuming. Even for small employers, keeping track of each employee’s use of a benefit, or request for a change of benefits,

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can be cumbersome. Angeles HR will select benefits that target important employee needs while promoting strategic organizational objectives and administer effective benefits programs. An employee benefits program should be based on specific objectives, such as improve employee work satisfaction, meet employee health and security requirements, attract and motivate employees, retain top-performing employees, and maintain a favorable competitive position.

Performance Management Programs
The number one issue with entrepreneurs is sourcing, recruiting and retention. High turnover create unnecessary disruption in the daily workflow. Angeles HR will evaluate current performance management programs and help translate organizational goals and objectives into job requirements that convey acceptable levels of performance to employees. Performance management programs will create a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities, increasing worker satisfaction and higher retention.

Employee Relations Policies
Today, it is ever more important to be aligned with federal and state labor laws. We will identify and review current company practices and make necessary changes to follow any new federal and state labor laws.

Training and Development
Training has become increasingly vital to the success of modern organizations. Training tends to be narrowly focused and oriented toward short-term performance concerns, whereas development tends to be oriented more toward broadening and individual’s skills for future responsibilities. Angeles HR will conduct a needs assessment to determine the employee needs for training and development that are aligned with the company’s strategic goals. That in return, will increase productivity, enhance employee morale and improve retention.
Termination Procedures
Terminations can unexpectantly disrupt the current workflow and employee life. Having a sound termination procedure can eliminate some of the unexpected disruptions. Angeles HR will review current practices and develop termination procedures including exit interview, exit paperwork for terminating employees, and analysis of turnover data.